Stupid stupid me

April 17, 2007

So, after a great week in New York City, I depart from Newark Airport, NJ. I depart on Friday the 13th.

Arrive in Stockholm Arlanda airport completely wasted after the flight. Half asleep I gather my book and my bag and my jacket and make sure I bring my earplugs. I stumble, zombie-like, off the plane. With my good friend Thomas I walk through the completely unpopulated customs checkpoint. We take the rapid to Stockholm City. We part and I take a cab the last bit. At home by 8 a.m. exhausted, but I wish to get into sync and stay awake for two hours. Unpack my laundry and shopping from NYC. Decide to take a nap for an hour, set the alarm clock to make sure!

Sleep through the alarm. Wake up at 4 p.m. I slept six hours instead of one. My world is upside down. Watch TV for a moment before eating, and suddenly it is 7 p.m. Go out for a stroll; find a new Indian place in my hoods. Great food, but less spicy than I was hoping for. Walk back. Crash into bed. Fall asleep.

Wake up Sunday morning. Feeling fresh. Miss anything? Nah don’t think so. Liz calls we’re gonna have lunch. Just before noon I think: “Why not bring my camera?” The weather is great so why not bring my camera! My camera yes where is it? Hmmm… Not in the kitchen by my big unpacked bag. Not in my ante by the coats. Not in the living-room by the sofa, not by anything. I get a bit nervous. Neither do I find it in my heaps of dirty laundry. OK, do not panic. Do not panic. I have no idea where my camera is!

My expensive Canon SLR, and all my photos. Gone.

It could be anywhere between Newark airport and my flat. Cripes! I call the cab company but they do not keep records of lost property, even though Stockholm cabbies usually are very honest. Call the airport-lost’n’found but they do not pick up the phone on weekends. File a report online, but expect no report until Monday. Rush off to meet Liz.

Her cheerful way warms me up a bit and brunch is nice. Still shaky about my camera of course. As I get back my feeling that I left it on the plane grows slightly, just slightly, stronger. Still far from sure. It is about 2 p.m. Even though I expect nothing I check my email every half hour. Hours pass while I do my laundry. A strange female person has left an item of black underwear in my laundromat. Keep checking my mail. Oh shit, still no clear memory of when I last had my camera. All I am 100% sure about is that I had it before airport security in the US.

At 5 p.m. an email comes through. It is from Stockholm Arlanda Airport lost’n’found. The contents of the email make me expel en enormous sigh of relief.