100 and out!

January 23, 2010

[Edit] This is what my last post at Blogger looked like:

Folks, this is my 100th post here, and that is as good a time as any to make it the very last one.

Ok, I am not saying goodbye to blogging, but I am saying goodbye to Blogger. This blog ends here and now, and moves to it’s new home at oceankid.wordpress.com.

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This blog started as a travel-blog when I traveled to the remotest parts of the Sahara, to view a spectacular solar eclipse. I am still quite fond of those early posts. Those days in the desert left some unforgettable memories, and led to several subsequent posts related to africa.

Total eclipse at Waw an Namus
March 29, 2006

Another memorable moment of this blog was The Tandem Story Experiment which resulted in two rather morbid stories. Speaking of stories, another favourite post was when I was had to set the record straight after a long absence from blogging. And for some strange reason this little tag from Soraya reamains vivid in my mind.

If you wonder why I am moving from Blogger to WordPress, I must say that in comparison WordPress is sooo much nicer to use. I will be happy to elaborate, if anybody asks me, at my new blog.

And that’s it. Adieu Blogger.