Another Trip, Another Time

January 11, 2010

Still in Tenerife for a few more days but: I needed a little break from my holiday – great feeling by the way – and Tom Q is a great photographer and lost-and-found fellow blogger in more than one way. Some time ago he proposed this Flickr meme: “It works like this: if you use Flickr, go to the sixth page of your photostream and pick the sixth picture there, then post it to your blog.”

Olive oil, candied peanuts and a dustpan
What else can you need on the road in the Sahara?

I took this photo at a market during my trip to Libya in March/April 2006. Not sure exactly where but I think somewhere on the road east of Ubari: Garagara, (or maybe Murzuq) is my best guess…

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My Flickr posting is not nearly as prolific as Tom’s but I do have loads of pictures tucked away on old hard disks, half forgottern CF-cards, and who knows where else? Perhaps I should pull myself together and post my best photos to Flickr.



January 4, 2010

So, it seems I have found myself a new harbour for the night…

Garachico, is an old town that lies on the north coast of Tenerife. (And behold: most signs are in Spanish.) I found a very pretty little hotel with yet a breathtaking view, this version of it is 20 minutes old:

The town has a native population of 5-6000 people. And with three (or so) hotels in town, tourism is no big thing here. People actually live here, which makes the atmosphere so much nicer.

Internet access in mega-touristy Los Gigantes was surprisingly hard to come by, and impossible after 6 p.m. But now I have it from the hotel terrace so maybe, just maybe, my posting will be less erratic. (Scary thought: could it be that my addiction brought me here?)

This post will end here, because I am hungry. I just got here after having spent a fun day with all the attractions at Siam Park, where the slightly morbid Wave was a lot of fun:

And in case you wonder, that is Siam as in Thailand, yes. Apparently the German business guy who built it has good relations with some Thai princess or so.

My Canarian Adventures

December 29, 2009

Despite a ridiculously prolonged absence from this forum, this particular blogger is still breathing…

…and at this moment I happen to be breathing the ocean air of the 28th northern parallel, and to be more precise: the air of Los Gigantes, Tenerife, of the Canary Islands. But getting here was not without extracurricular events.

As I landed in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, my original plan was to: rent a car at the airport, find a hotel with the airport services, chill down in Las Palmas for two nights, and take the car on ferry to Tenerife. I mean seriously, the touristiest place on the planet, how hard can it be to find a car, and a hotel, without advance bookings? Yeah right!

As I landed: no rental cars available. OK. “But where can I book a hotel?” I was recommended to try the agency in the upstairs hall. Surprise surprise: closed for Christmas holidays. OK no worries. Next Black-Adder-like-brilliant-idea: let the cabbie find a hotel for me. Yeah right!

I also had this bright idea that I wanted to stay away from the touristy (near-the-beach) parts of Las Palmas:
“So cabbie,” (in rather broken Spanish), “please find me a hotel in Barrio Vegueta [the Old Town of Las Palmas]”
He gives me this look and: “No hotels in Vegueta!”.
Me incredulous (like being told, no hotels in Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm): “No hotels in Vegueta??”.
“Nope. None. So where you go?”

Fairly certain that he is putting me on, in order to take me to his uncles place miles outside town or something, I insist he takes me to the market at the centre of Vegueta.
But when we get there, there really are no hotels in sight.
“So where you go?”
“Well, anything nearby.”
“Nothing nearby.”
“Right, something a bit further off, towards the centre.”
“Aha further off, well there’s Hotel Parque.”
Saying: “Sounds like a terrific idea!” Thinking: “Thanks for finally understanding me, bloody nitwit!”

Anyway the Hotel Parque is totally full. But they recommend the Tryp a few hundred yards to the north. And I enter that four-star-lounge, thinking “uh-oh, this will cost but wtf, I’ve had enuff of this.”
“No rooms Sir. We are fully booked.”
“eh really?”
“Yes, afraid so.”
“Ok anything nearby, that you know of?”
“Not really.”

At this moment I begin to envision myself spending the night underneath a palm tree, and on top of my bags. But then the other lady behind the counter notices my predicament:
“You could try the Pension Perojo.”
“But it’s a pension, not a hotel. It’s not far from here.”

So from the prospect of staying in a four-star-megacomplex I move through hyperspace and (finally) get a room in place where the shared bath has a sign like this:

Dear blog-guests I challenge you guess the price in Euros, that this place cost me. Points will be awarded.

Then, finding and booking the ferry, was not without challenges either, nor was it easy to find any internet access. I found it very surprising that it was much easier to find internet access in Tripoli, Libya than it was in the mega touristy town of Las Palmas. But the problems were not insurmountable. And then: my arrival in Tenerife was not without the warm welcome of the harbour police. Keep your eyes open, for my next post.

Before letting the curtain fall I would like to thank my boss Jörgen (bless his gentle heart) who predicted that I would be knifed to death in Gran Canaria, “because I have read that is what they do to Swedes there”. Thanks to his unselfish alert, I kept my eyes open and nuthin, totally nuthin, bad happened 😛

Fates Worse Than Death

September 3, 2007

If you want to know about Fates Worse Than Death, I suggest that you take a look this book by my favourite author Kurt Vonnegut. Meanwhile this title was just lingering in my mind, waiting to break free. It has – at least for the moment – nothing to do with my own fate, which certainly is much better than Death!

Right now I am in San Francisco. My boss sent me out here for three weeks. Ah pauvre petit. Not! On weekdays I have to work, but evenings, weekends, it is really like paid vacation.

Friday night was good, I bumped into some fun people Don and Betty, who showed me a few bohemian aspects of the city. As a consequence Saturday was, ahem, slightly, slow. But I did enjoy a really spicy Thai dinner downtown. And I am just nuts for spicy Thai.

Another good thing is my bike. Today I took it for a big spin all over the city and across the Golden Gate. I went on to Sausalito, a really nice little town, even if a bit too touristy. And if you haven’t seen the Google 360-thingy, you might enjoy this. I promise, it is really worth clicking that link, it spins (but Firefox might handle it better than IE). And on the northwestern edge of the town, I got another dose of bohemian life. There they have a huge marina of houseboats. I am at a loss for words, but this will give you an idea.

And yes, I do need to get some software for my work computer so that I can upload my own pics…

Marathon Dreams, again

May 29, 2007

With less than two weeks away, my preparations for the Stockholm Marathon are getting into their final stage. Last year I really wanted to do the New York Marathon, but I didn’t win the lottery to get into it (as it is hugely popular). But in Stockholm I got in and unless something really dramatic happens, well off I go!

OK, I did make it but in the scorching dry 28 centigrades it was no walk in the park. I crossed the finish line more than an hour behind my planned schedule. 520 kms of tarmac behind my runners this year did not matter. The heat got to me, I had the cramps and whatnot. But I did finish the bloody thing.

The Tandem Story Experiment

April 15, 2007

Thank you all my my friends. McKenzie, Highlander and TomQ. This little experiment in interactive male-female writing has been a lot of fun. What happens if a woman and a woman have to create a short story together, by writing every second paragraph, alternatingly? Not my idea. I was inspired by this post by blogger Highlander and found the idea intriguing.

Plunge in and enjoy the two litterary creations below!

The Day It All Changed

March 5, 2007

A tandem story by Highlander and Tom Q.
Comments on the story as it evolves are very welcome in the parallel comments thread.

Now this post is back on top. Nudge, nudge, Highlander!