A Full Circle

All good things must come to an end.

And that, I am afraid, applies to my little trip too. My last three days on Tenerife were great, but blogging… well I just did not find the time and energy. Now it feels a bit strange to write this closing post from home. Anyway…

The island of Tenerife, has slightly less than one million inhabitants. You can drive a full circle around the island in less than four hours. Yet – as I see it – this little island contains two entirely different planets.

The south has places like Las Americas and Los Gigantes, which I blogged about recently. It is quite warm, and the beaches are fantastic. It is dominated by mass tourism, and a lot of people really like it. But the first time I crossed the mountains, to the north was: true joy.

The north is considerably cooler. The beaches are less spectacular. Of course there are loads of tourists, but the vulgarity of mass tourism does not exist here. The coastal landscape is also IMHO a lot more interesting, and there is not a house on every coastal square metre.

The main town of Puerto de la Cruz is quite pleasant for walking, driving in it is quite a b*tch but worth the effort. It is a nice day to spend a lazy day.

Puerto de la Cruz

Through the eyes of Palestrina55, Creative Commons license

And the small village of Taganaga in the remote north east is really pretty, and the drive to it takes you through rain forests as well as fantastic serpentine roads. If I ever return to Tenerife, Taganaga will definitely be a must-see-again.

As seen by meteomara, Creative Commons License

And: “That’s all folks!” The time has come to close my last chapter on Tenerife. My next post is due soon. It will contain another major closing…

Looney Tunes © Warner Brothers

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