New Blog!

I have been a bit quiet lately. I have been a bit lazy but also a quite busy. I have been playing a lot of chess. I have a goal to improve my game considerably (200 rating points) this year. Perhaps I will post more on chess sometime. Furthermore, last week I had a hellish project to finish. So utterly stupid I still get angry when I think about it.

Anyway, now, I have finally taken the leap and switched to the new Blogger. As Blogger is owned by Gooooogle, I thought that would be a perfect excuse to post this cute little cartoon.


4 Responses to New Blog!

  1. red says:

    eh, is it any good? why not wordpress?

  2. Adam says:

    Just a question of minimum effort. Google/Blogger practically forced me to switch and it took me two clicks. I have not yet explored the differences.I was seriously considering wordpress after seeing your stuff, it looks great, but (for the moment) I do not feel inclined to go through all that template-fixing and registration stuff.

  3. Non-Blogging says:

    Ah well, what’s indeed the difference between the old and new one? Anyway, dude, hope you’ll post more from now on. I’m kind of missing your funny input to the blogosphere!

  4. Adam says:

    Hey Non-Blogging! I almost thought that you had gone Non-Commenting! Well, thanks for the encouragement. A small post with a different angle on motorsports is in the boiler, due soon.

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