Out Damned Spot – Out

Extra points to all of you who can place the quote! I know at least of of you have no doubt what so ever 🙂

The spot in this particular case is Internet Explorer. It is an awful pile of junk. If you are still on IE, switch to Firefox now! I had only been visiting my blog in Firefox but when a friend visited it in IE it look awful. All the sidebar links were gone, or actually shoved all the way to the bottom of the page. Thank you Microsoft.

And if you are buying a new computer in the near future, they will probably try to sell it to you with the new operating system Windows Vista. This is an important bit of friendly advice:

Whatever you do – do not, I repeat not, buy a computer with windows Vista on it. It will be well invested money to pay extra for the good old and solid Windows XP.

So, what is wrong with Vista? Everything! To install even the simplest bit of software will force you to answer an endless sequence of questions: “Are sure that you want to? Are really sure that you are sure? Don’t you have any doubt at all?” Ok, the last one is a joke, but you get it.

The second reason not to buy Vista: Forget bringing all you old software to the new Vista. I work in software development, and I promise you, a lot of your old software will not work at all, or in the best case start to work after you spend hours lowering all the default system security settings.

Programmer Craig, are you still around here? Despite many of our disagreements don’t you agree with the first part and maybe the second too?


4 Responses to Out Damned Spot – Out

  1. Anonymous says:

    AdamI share your frustrations. I am in IT too, and even the automatic update to IE7 is causing issues on many of my sites. (Note that you can target IE7 in CSS specifically using a period i.e. .height:200px; ). Vista – I will be on a Mac by then…Anyway – Lady MacBeth was the fine lady who said those words…

  2. Mckenzie says:

    Macbeth– Lady Macbeth, as Tom stated. She’s going crazy, and about to kill herself from murdering Duncan.

  3. red_enclave: From Behind Closed Doors says:

    Adam,I haven’t been using IE for ages. I’m a Mozilla fan. I’ve been very comfortable with Netscape & when Firefox was introduced to me, I find it very user friendly. I realize too that when I use IE once a while, there seems to be loads of pop ups popping up. What bout MAC @ iBook? Would you recommend it to us for everyday use?

  4. Adam says:

    Yes of course it is from Macbeth. And Yes McKenzie, I knew it was a piece of cake for you:)And Red, yes I think the iBook is a good choice if you want a portable.The only reasons I am on PC is that some really good software (for example chess) is not, AFAIK, available on Macs and I develop software for PCs.And I do not have a portable beacause I don’t need to take it with me, and I prefer larger keyboards.[And I gotta keep reposting ’cause sometimes I spell like c**p!]

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